Working with Us

We charge $50 per song for singles or $40 per song for albums and EPs. Revisions of the master are free, however changes to the original mix on your end may incur additional costs.

After mastering is complete approval is managed via Samply, a lossless and private web-based audio player. We will only request payment once you are totally satisfied, and upon receipt of payment we will provide you with a download link to your files.

All of our mastering includes free revisions of the submitted mix, a quick turnaround time (typically 3-5 days or less), and any deliverables you require.

The default formats returned to you are: a 24-bit/native-sample-rate WAV for all of your high resolution needs, a 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV, and a 320kbps MP3. If you need any other formats feel free to request them and we will be happy to provide them at no additional cost. All formats undergo thorough quality checks.

When mastering an EP or Album we take great care when spacing tracks and are happy to incorporate transitions or crossfades. A DDP file for a CD master, complete with all CD-Test, ISRC codes and UPC/EAN (if provided) is also included upon request.

We recommend submitting a WAV file in either 24-bit or 32-bit-floating-point and at the native sample rate of the mixing session. Avoid any limiting, clipping, or maximizing on the mix bus; other plugins are fine to leave active. Maintaining dynamic range and headroom ensures optimal loudness processing on our end. You can, however, also include your mix with limiting and other loudness processing applied for us to use as a reference.

Please leave a gap at the start and end of your audio in order to avoid glitches—we can easily trim the tops and tails during mastering. If you want to minimize hiss or other unwanted noise during quieter parts of the song it is helpful to provide a few seconds of this noise before or after the track, when no other sound is present.

Finally, we advise you to review your audio to make sure there are no errors and to organize all files into a compressed .zip folder for submission. This will ensure a smooth upload and prevent any potential file corruption.

The following information should be included along with your submission:

  • Band/Artist name and song titles exactly as they should appear in the metadata or CD-Text
  • For an album or EP: Album/EP title, song order, and ISRC codes and UPC/EAN (if you have them)

The following information will help us create the master that best reflects your musical vision:

  • Any releases you would like us to reference
  • Anything you want us to draw special attention to
  • Any areas of concern with your mixes
  • Your loudness preference (preserve the dynamic range, make it LOUD, or find a middle ground)
  • Anything else you want us to know

For any questions feel free to contact us

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