Hybrid Mastering

Located in a renovated farmhouse in Eastern Washington, Silkhouse Music is designed from the ground up as a fully-equipped hybrid mastering studio. Featuring extensive acoustic treatment and a professionally calibrated monitoring system, we integrate carefully chosen analog hardware with cutting-edge digital plugins, providing an array of tools to refine and enhance your sound.
Rupert Neve Designs MBT
Prism Sound Titan

Modern Mastering for Today's Music

We understand that every master is unique and demands a personal touch, and our modern mastering philosophy is attuned to the needs of today’s artists and the expectations of contemporary audiences. Let us work with you to craft the most powerful expression of your musical vision.



per song
  • All requested formats
  • Free revisions
  • Quick turnaround
  • Payment upon approval


per song
  • Everything included with singles
  • DDP CD Master upon request

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Adam Remington
Silkhouse Music
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